A Gift Yet Unopened…

Do you consider yourself “gifted”?

In contemplating a specific answer for this question, my mind has run across a myriad of possibilities, but one has always troubled me…

Being “gifted” means you’re a genius

Oxfordictionaries.com defines “genius” as “an exceptionally intelligent person or one with exceptional skill in a particular area of activity”.

To put it plainly, yu jus “bawn bright” as some would put it. Whether you classify a genius as someone who has acquired membership in MENSA or one who has been recognized for their academic achievements, we’ve probably used the term “gifted” interchangeably with the term, “genius” at some point or other.

What troubles me though is that the beautiful definition given by above-mentioned source doesn’t, in my mind, reflect what society deems as a “gifted” person.

Our academic system caters to the “gifted”

Forgive my sarcasm, but I’m using what I see as society’s stereotypical definition of a “gifted” person.

Sadly, in our classrooms, what has historically been the practice is that one learning style, one set of learning materials, is expected to be mastered by a varied set of learners, perhaps in the assumption that only the gifted shall survive.

But who are we calling gifted?

Those who fit comfortably into the learning style and materials that naturally suit them? Or perhaps those who have taught themselves to fit into that mold and learnt how to thrive nonetheless?

Both groups ought to be given credit for their efforts, but it still begs the question in my mind: are they really thriving?

Plants growing in foreign soil

I remember hearing a “talk” by an environmental organization in which I became aware that certain plants, though apparently thriving in certain areas, were never meant to grow there in the first place and so, were “taking up unintended space”.

My concern is that some of us, after having “thrived” in our adopted environment end up frustrated and confused as to why we sought to “live” in that field in the first place!

I must be cautious, as I am aware of those who have gone on to embrace with passion careers that seemed not to be up their stream despite having to “embrace the m0ld”.

I speak to those who have yet to open their gift…

You have yet to thrive

Even though you haven’t yet discovered your “passion”, it doesn’t mean you lack one.

There is a Biblical parable that speaks to a boss giving “talents” (a currency in ancient Greek culture) to his workers, each with a different number of talents.

All but one made use of what they found their hands to do with what they had, and they prospered and were eventually rewarded by the boss upon his return.

But the one who made no effort to discover his talent’s potential…

Not only did he fail to delve into what could have been activated and cultivated with what he had been given, but his boss then took it away from him and gave it to the productive, passionate workers.

Will you thrive?

So finally, I ask you, are you willing to make the effort to discover what God has placed in your heart? What your actual purpose is on this earth?

Will you pray for His revelation and read what He says about purpose in His word and actually do it? (Jeremiah 29:11; Matthew 25:14-30; 1 Peter 4:1o-11; Colossians 3:23-25)

Will you open up your ears and eyes to hear and see the signs that lead you to your destiny?

Will you…thrive?